Navy Mothers' Club No. 216
Dates: 1947-1968
Donor: Unknown (Vigo County Historical Society)
Accession Number: 790724D
Description: Three file folders in a record storage box; one ledger book (Vol. 49)

Content and Scope of Collection

Membership and treasury records, 1959-1967. Some small items including club stickers and a membership card. Bank statements, 1968. National charter and state and local by-laws. Vigo County Civil Defense certificate, 1961.

Record Storage Box





Folder 1

Sample membership card






Navy Mothers Clubs of America, Inc.: small stickers, emblem






Membership application forms






Booklet: National Charter and By-Laws, State By-Laws, Local Club By-Laws and Ritual





Folder 2

Checkbook record of payments
(one undated record)

Aug. 1962-





Bank statements from Terre Haute First National Bank

Jan. 31, 1968

Feb. 29, 1968

March 19, 1968

April 30, 1968




Folder 3

Vigo County Civil Defense Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of distinguished service during "Operation Survival" (signed by Joe Lowe, director)

Nov. 1961





Memo from desk of Joe Lowe extending personal thanks to Club for its part in "Operation Survival"

Dec. 1961





Program and ribbon from Twelfth Annual Convention of Navy Mothers' Clubs of America, Inc.,  Cincinnati, Ohio

July 14-18, 1947




Vol. 49

Membership/treasury records