Round Table Study Club
Dates: 1902-1952
Accession Number: 830106C
Donor: Unknown
Description: Two file folders, two envelopes and six notebooks in a document case


"This club was organized as the National Reading Circle by ladies from the First and Centenary Methodist churches of this city. There were 15 charter members. The first three years study was as prescribed by the Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church. They met every second Wednesday afternoon for one hour.

In 1907 the Bay View course of study was adopted. Since they sat around a table at meetings they changed the club name to 'Round Table Study Club.' The course was hard and it required eight years instead of the prescribed four to complete it. Mrs. H. A. Swits, a charter member, representing the club, went to Bay View, taking the examination and passing with 100 per cent. After finishing the course the club turned its interest to municipal affairs and also did some charity work. One project was taking care of a needy family in Taylorville. Early records of the club were accidently put in with some things sent to this needy family and were never recovered. So our tangible records date back to 1921. The club was affiliated with the State Federation in its early days." (From 50th anniversary club history by Esther White, 1951)

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains the minutes of the meetings of the Round Table Study Club from 1926-1947. It also includes program booklets which were issued annually and contain the list of programs for the year (September through May); most of the booklets also contain a list of officers and members.

Document Case






Folder 1

Miscellaneous papers - verses, songs





Folder 2

Constitution and By-laws

Nov. 17, 1902





History and background of club by
Josephine Morgan in a letter to
Mrs. Fred Waldron

Nov. 7, 1930












1931; 1938; 1942; 1952





Secretary's Book - Minutes

Sept. 26, 1926-Oct. 27, 1930





Secretary's Book - Minutes

Nov. 24, 1930-May 25, 1936





Secretary's Book - Minutes

Sept. 28, 1936-May 29, 1939





Secretary's Book - Minutes

Sept. 25, 1939-Jan. 25, 1943





Secretary's Book - Minutes

Feb. 22, 1943-May 27, 1946





Secretary's Book - Minutes

Sept. 30, 1946-May 26, 1947




Envelope 1

Program booklets

1924-1925 to




Envelope 2

Program booklet




Program booklet




Program booklet




Program booklet




Program booklet




Program booklet (2 copies)




Program booklet (2 copies)




Program booklet




Program booklet
(1 printed copy; 1 typewritten copy)




Program booklet




Program booklet