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Art Souvenir of Terre Haute, Ind.
Terre Haute:  Kelly Brothers, 1894.


Description of pages


Part 1


Title page



Part 2


Educational Advantages

Rose Polytechnic

Public Schools

The Terre Haute Public Library

Indiana State Normal School

Terre Haute Commercial College

Garvin Commercial College

Coates College

St Mary's Academic Institute

Catholic Schools



Part 3

Home of the Trotter

The Railroads

Manufactures and Other Branches of Business



Free Dispensary

Rose Home and St. Ann's

Old Ladies' Home

Newspapers and Magazines

Terre Haute Business Men's Association

Miscellaneous Notes



Part 4

Hon. Richard W. Thompson

Senator Daniel W. Voorhees

Wm. R. McKeen

Herman Hulman, Esq.

Hon. Thomas H. Nelson

Wm. E. McLean

Blackford Condit, D. D.

Rev. J. H. Crum, D. D.

Rev. S. V. Leech, D. D.

Rev. J. S. Holmes, D. D.

Rev. R. V. Hunter, Pastor

Rev. Frank A. Morgan

Rev. J. L. Hoagland

Rev. Jno. Ryves

William W. Parsons


Part 5

Howard Sandison

Robert G. Gillum

Louis J. Rettger

Francis M. Stalker

James B. Wisely

Charles M. Curry

Arthur Cunningham

Wm. H. Wiley

H. W. Curry

Vigo County Court House

David N. Taylor

Hugh D. Roquet

J. W. Stout

Geo. A. Schaal

John L. Walsh


Part 6

Levi G. Hughes

Dr. W. R. Mattox

Chas. W. Hoff

John Beal

John McFall

Ralph H. Sparks

Fred A. Ross

W. W. Hauck

Charles Balch

Chas. H. Goodwin

Peter M. Foley

C. Meagher

H. S. Bosler

Michael J. O'Connell

Geo. W. Faris


Part 7

Sam R. Hamill

D. W. Henry

Robert B. Stimson

Samuel C. Stimson

George E. Pugh

Samuel M. Huston

E. H. Redman

Alvin M. Higgins

H. A. Condit

W. H. Taber

A. W. Spain, M. D.

Wilbur O. Jenkins, M. D.

Le'on J. Willien, M. D.

Jno. R. Crapo, M. D.

F. W. Shaley, M. D.


Part 8

Allen H. Donham

Wm. O Patton

B. G. Hudnut

George E. Farrington

N. K. Elliott

C. R. Peddle

R. D. Digges

A. G. Nichoson

Frank E. Benjamin

Lyman P. Alden

J. Breinig

C. H. Payne

W. C. Smallwood

W. H. Floyd

Guy Stone


Part 9

John A. Boggs

Jas. C. Cooper

Louis P. Seeburger

J. W. Landrum

Willis Wright

E. L. Norcross

T. J. Griffith

James A. Nisbet

W. M. Slaughter

John Foulkes

H. T. Biel

Chas. E. Garen

Wm. A. Hunter

C. W. Kelly

James M. Dishon


Part 10

Geo. H. Greenman

Geo. R. Grimes

James E. Somes

C. E. Ervin

Dr. C. F. Williams

C. M. Thompson

W. C. Isbell

Terre Haute Commercial College

Henry P. Townley, Esq.

Rev. John Mason Duncan

Coates College

Coates College Greek Group

Coates College Gymnasium

Coates College Dining Room


Part 11

Kenilsworth Tennis Court

Charles Baur

Terre Haute House

The New Filbeck

St. Nicholas Hotel

Grand Stand

Rose Orphan Home

Residence of Wm. R. McKeen

Residence of N. K. Elliott

Residence of B. G. Hudnut

Northern Rolling Mills


Part 12

Hose Co. No. 4, T.H. Fire Department

Union Passenger Depot

Hulman & Company

Townley Stove Co.

Elliott & Smith

National State Bank

Breinig Flats

Exchange Artesian Mineral Springs

Government Building

Washington Ave. Presbyterian Church


Part 13

New Asbury Church

Proposed Masonic Temple

Rose Free Dispensary

Rose Polytechnic Institute

Indiana State Normal School

Terre Haute High School

Terre Haute Brewing Co.

Chapel at Highland Lawn Cemetery


Part 14

View at Highland Lawn

View from top of Court House (East)

View from top of Court House (North)

Looking East on Wabash Ave. from Third Street

Looking North on South Sixth Street from Col. Thompson's Residence

Looking South of Seventh from College Street

View in Forest Park

Water View in Forest Park