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Twentieth Century Souvenir of Terre Haute
Terre Haute: Moore & Langen Printing Co., 1903.


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Part 1


Title Page



Part 2



Part 3

National Drain Tile Co. (advertisement)

Henry C. Steeg (picture)

Frank Buckingham (picture)

The Highland Iron and Steel Co. (advertisement)

James Lyons (picture)

James J. Dougherty (pictures)

Kester Electric Co. (advertisement)


Part 4

Members of Boards of Public Safety and Public Works (pictures)

A. H. Springer Foundry (advertisement)

Vickroy's (advertisement)

Councilmen and Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Streets (pictures)

Ray Bros. Buggy and Implement Co. (advertisement)

City Officials and Deputies (pictures)


Part 5

Up-To-Date Mfg. Co. (advertisement)

Detectives and Captains of Police (pictures)

The Reese, Snider Lumber Company (advertisement)

Vigo County Court House (picture)

Root Glass Company


Part 6

City Hall-Terre Haute Police Department (picture)

Baesler & Wittenbrock (advertisement)

Briggs Lumber Company (advertisement)

Police Department (pictures)

National State Bank (advertisement)

The Wabash Business College (advertisement)

Police Department (pictures)


Part 7

Government Standard Scale Works (advertisement)

Frank B. Miller (picture)

Union Depot Hotel (advertisement)

Police Department (pictures)

Jos. Strong & Co. (advertisement)

Prox & Burget Co. (advertisement)

Hotel Brinkman (advertisement)

The Big Five (pictures)

McKeen's Bank (picture)


Part 8

Union Depot (picture)

N. C. Kintz Planing Mill & Lumber Yard (advertisement)

Terre Haute Stone Works (advertisement)

Nick's Place (advertisement)

Big Four R. R. Station (picture)

Woodland Valley Mining Co. (advertisement)

H. C. Hanna & Co. (advertisement)

The Spring (advertisement)

Bridge over Wabash (picture)


Part 9

New Pittsburgh Coal & Coke Co. (advertisement)

Rose Polytechnic Institute (picture)

"The Herman" (advertisement)

Cook, Bell & Black (advertisement)

Richards & Sons (advertisement)

Rose Orphans Home (advertisement)

The Health Office (advertisement)


Part 10

Rose Dispensary (picture)

The Pride of Terre Haute

Indiana State Normal School (picture)

Jas. A. Nisbet (advertisement)

O'Neil's Machine Works (advertisement)

St. Anthony's Hospital (picture)


Part 11

Ehrmann Coal Co. (advertisement)

Oak Hall Saloon (advertisement)

Thorman & Schloss (advertisement)

Terre Haute House (advertisement)

H. L. Stees Co. (advertisement)

E. E. Miller (advertisement)

Filbeck Hotel (picture)

H. A. Langton & Co. (advertisement)


Part 12

Government Building (picture)

The Annex Saloon (advertisement)

E. H. Bindley & Co. (advertisement)

Bruilletts Creek Coal Co. (advertisement)

Terre Haute Brewing Co. (advertisement)

The Place to Eat and Drink (advertisement)

Union Hotel (advertisement)

Stout & Pickett (advertisement)

Terre Haute Trotting Association Race Track (picture)


Part 13

Pabst Milwaukee (advertisement)

Miller Brewing Co. (advertisement)

Schlitz (advertisement)

Budweiser (advertisement)

Wabash Avenue Looking West from Seventh Street (picture)

Columbian Enameling and Stamping Company (advertisement)

South Sixth Street (picture)

Chas. W. Hoff Brick Manufacturer (advertisement)

Riverside Coal Office (advertisement)

W. Bergman (advertisement)

Co-Operative Brick Co. (advertisement)


Part 14

H. Hulman Sr. (house picture)

Frank McKeen (house picture)

Crawford Fairbanks (house picture)

Brown's Business College (advertisement)

Vigo County National Bank (advertisement)

Henry G. Miller (house picture)

Hugh Shirkie (house picture)

D. W. Minshall (house picture)

Prox & Brinkman Mfg. Co. (advertisement)

St. Benedict German Catholic Church (picture)


Part 15

Hulman & Co. (advertisement)

Hulman & Co. (picture)

Riddle-Hamilton Company (advertisement)

Idaho Grocer (advertisement)

Stahl, Urban & Co. (advertisement)

Deer Park at Edgewood Farm (picture)

Gateway Collett Park (picture)

The Avalon (advertisement)

Moore & Langen Printing Co. (advertisement)

C. W. Baurmeister (advertisement)

Andy Burget Plumbing and Gas Fitting (advertisement)

A. F. McKee (advertisement)

Terre Haute Bronze and Brass Foundry (advertisement)

Stephen Adair, Barrels and Boxes (advertisement)

Terre Haute Laundry (advertisement)


Part 16

Highland Lawn Cemetery (picture)

Standard Oil Company (advertisement)

The Bank (advertisement)

Moudy & Coffin (advertisement)

Bement, Rea & Co. (advertisement)

Albert Hall Coal Dealer (advertisement)

R. A. Hooton & Co. (advertisement)

August Fromme (advertisement)

The Center Saloon (advertisement)

Fire Station No. 5, Headquarters (picture)


Part 17

Terre Haute Oil and Coal Co. (advertisement)

Dr. S. V. Ramsey's Veterinary Hospital (advertisement)

The Fair Ground Exchange (advertisement)

Fire Station No. 1 (picture)

Terre Haute Printing Company (advertisement)

Fire Station No. 2 (picture)

The Senate Saloon (advertisement)

The Northern (advertisement)

J. Bennett & Sons (advertisement)

Hughes, Miller &  Miller (advertisement)

The "Hendrich" Abstract Co. (advertisement)

John McGlone (advertisement)

Henry Becker (advertisement)

Fire Station No. 3 (picture)

Fire Station No. 4 (picture)

George C. Dodson, Dealer in Coal, Scrap Iron, Metals, Rubber, Etc. (advertisement)

J. Lewis, Boarding and Livery Stable (advertisement)

D. Shea, Practical Horse Shoeing (advertisement)

Otto Riehle, Locksmith and Stencil Cutter (advertisement)

Dean McLaughlin & Co. (advertisement)

Sam Graff, Proprietor of the Turf Saloon (advertisement)

Edmund Tetzel, Repairing Any Old Thing (advertisement)

C. W. Power, Practical Horse Shoer (advertisement)

H. T. Biel (advertisement)

Charles M. Stubbs, Dealer in Steam Pumping & Gasoline Engines (advertisement)

Germania Hotel (advertisement)

Germania Hall (advertisement)


Part 18

Fire Station No. 6

Fire Station No. 7

List of Public Officials