**Wabash Courier, August 16, 1832; page 3, column 4**

“Town Ordinances”

Travel along the Wabash was dangerous for many reasons, especially due to the spread of infectious diseases. With limited ability to treat an outbreak of illnesses like smallpox, the recently formed board of health was forced to pass an ordinance in 1832 which would issue a very heavy fine of $500 for any boat captain who knowingly permitted infected persons to travel across the Wabash. The board of health understood the severity of infectious diseases, most of them being doctors themselves who knew they could not afford to handle such an influx of patients. This notice in the Wabash Courier was one of the first instances of an official quarantine in Terre Haute. The sickness went on for some time as witnessed firsthand by F.R. Bennett. In a letter dated October 15, 1834, he wrote to his son George Bennett that “at present there has been a great deal of Sickness in our county this season and several deaths.”