Daily Wabash Express, November 5, 1861; page 3, column 2

“During my absence JOHN P. BAIRD, Esq., will attend to all my personal, insurance and professional business. Those having any business with me will consult with Mr. BAIRD.


The notice of Charles Cruft in November 1861 that his business would be attended to by another man was due to his active engagement as Colonel of the Thirty-First Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Cruft’s law partner, John P. Baird, also became active in the Civil War when he was appointed lieutenant colonel of the 85th Indiana Volunteer Regiment. Cruft would lead his regiment in many famous Civil War battles, including the Battle of Shiloh. For his gallantry at Shiloh, Cruft was promoted to General, an honor personally conferred “upon him by President Lincoln, on the occasion of his visit to Washington in March, 1865.”