Christmas Treats Go To Former Students

Christmas treats go to former students 12-20-1917 Tribune

Indiana State Normal School remembers boys now in service of country

The work at Indiana State Normal School will close at noon, Friday and most of the students will leave for home soon after to spend Christmas with parents and friends.

However, the present students of the school will not be the only ones to spend an enjoyable Christmas for the Normal soldier boys have not been forgotten. Although most of them will not have the opportunity to get home for Christmas vacation, they will at least have the gratification of knowing that friends at home and in school are thinking of them.

Wednesday afternoon, 170 pound boxes of candy were sent out by the faculty and students to the 170 Normal students in the service. This candy was made by girls of the vocational department under the personal direction of Miss Minnie L. Irons. The candy was neatly packed in red, white, and blue boxes under the direction of Miss Bertha Schweitser, dean of women.

This is not all that has been sent to Normal soldiers, however, as a little Christmas card, bearing the greetings of the school and a small present were sent to each one of the boys some weeks ago. Most of the boys have been supplied with sweaters or other useful articles knitted by the women of the school.

The Normal students have really made great sacrifices since the war began, both in time and money and contributions to all patriotic have been very generous. Below will be found a list of contributions to patriotic causes since April 6, by the students and faculty of the school.

Red Cross Work…………$1329.50

Fatherless children of France fund……632.95

Christmas boxes for fatherless children and Normal boys in service……..115.42

Y.M.C.A. war fund…….2159.60


In the Red Cross drive to which the Normal school devoted Tuesday afternoon, the students turned in over 900 memberships. Over 400 of these paid their dues in cash while the remainder promised to pay in a few days and signed membership application blanks. President Parsons announced Wednesday that he was proud of the work being done by the students of the school along this line.