**Wabash Courier, July 22, 1848; page 2, column 2**

“Indiana Volunteers”

The 4th Indiana Volunteer Infantry had several reliable men willing to join the fight in the Mexican-American War, some of them from Vigo County. Though held back by finances and infrastructure, several volunteer regiments formed during the governorship of James Whitcomb. An announcement in late July 1848 indicated that these men were waiting to be mustered out. Indiana’s call for volunteers in 1846 met its quota just as quickly as its more populated and prosperous neighbor, Ohio. Some of the men who volunteered included Josephus Collins of Terre Haute who joined the 4th Indiana Volunteers. In a letter dated March 24, 1848, Collins provided his sister, Hannah, a glimpse of life for a common soldier at his camp in Puebla, Mexico. He implored her to seek the aid of Milton Wyeth in learning the names of the men in his company. Wyeth would go on to play an important role in Whig politics for Riley Township. This is important to note since many Whigs in Indiana were opposed to the Mexican American War or what they deemed “Polk’s little war.” Collins’ company was mustered out in July of the same year.

Image from the Josephus Collins Letter collection, Accession #SM DC 35 in the VCPL Archives.