**Wabash Courier, January 8, 1848; page 3, column 3**

“Vigo Collegiate Institute”

The Vigo Collegiate, something like an early experiment in higher education for Terre Haute, was set to open its doors on January 10, 1848. The school was located in the old seminary building, now part of the grounds of Indiana State University. Its first principal was E.T. Baird. Several scholars who took teaching positions here became well known. Professor of Belles-lettres, J.B.L. Soule, was said to have coined the phrase, “Go West, young man” in an 1851 editorial which appeared in the Terre Haute Express. The phrase was later re-popularized by Horace Greeley. J.G. Stevenson who taught mathematics later became Librarian of Congress. Between 1852 and 1853, actions were taken to close Vigo Collegiate Institute and to sell the grounds. An interest in the community was begun towards using the seminary building for the use of the public schools, according to Willaim H. Wiley’s Public School Education in Terre Haute, Indiana.