**Wabash Express, January 26, 1859; page 3, column 3**

“Ulyssean Debating Club”

An advertisement from the Ulyssean Debating Club in the January 28, 1859 edition of the Daily Wabash Express informs readers of the speaking engagement of George D. Prentice, the controversial editor of the Louisville Journal and backer of the Know Nothing Party. Debating clubs helped foster discussion and public education on relevant social and political topics. They were also a forum for hearing different speakers who could alter one’s world view. The Ulyssean Debating Club was also graced in its meetings by the presence of many other famed lecturers. The club’s founder, James B. Harris, used the group as a means to advocate for an institute of higher learning. In the meeting minutes of September 13, 1857, it is seen that the proposed topic of debate was “Which has the most cause to complain of their treatment at the hands of the white man, the Negro or the Indian?”