TH Tribune, November 6, 1915, page 3


Prof. Elwood Kemp Addresses the McKinley Club

In a lecture before the McKinley club, Friday evening, Prof. Elwood Kep explained the causes that led up to the present European war, and declared that some of the causes date back 1,000 years. He also expressed a hope that the United States would be prominent in the movement to secure universal peace. He said.

“There are five great principles which well up in the breasts of each and every man in the world. First is the desire for property, then comes religion, a yearning to know what is beyond the pale of this life on earth, a desire for truth, and the demand in each heart for justice.

“The Jews built there country along one idea—religion—and it became the leader of the world. This nation fell and its power vanished. Then Greece ruled with full sway and fell. Then came Rome. Spain reached out for more territory, next France started the accumulation of property and then Russia braved to reach out on the east.

“At the present time we find Great Britain with 11,800,000 square miles of territory; France with 4,100,000 and Russia with 8,100,000. In the center of Europe is Germany and during the 300 years of property accumulation by her neighboring nations, she was tempted ###.

“All of these nations have different ideas of accomplishing their advancement and territorial extension. Then came a time when these ideas conflicted. The result was a clash at arms.