The VCPL’s LifeLong Learning Center offers a free, English as a Second Language (ESL) conversational program. The LifeLong Learning Center’s program is a member of ProLiteracy, a not-for-profit international organization that advocates for adult literacy. The VCPL ESL service is available for Vigo County’s adult, pre-college level English language learners, who are residents and long-term visitors.

Adult ESL Learners

Women's Conversation Group

The Women’s Conversation Group, a large group class, meets every Wednesday from 10 am – 12 noon. It is a multi-leveled group. Instruction is provided by the LLC Manager. Some literacy-focused topics include: everyday conversation, health, technology, popular culture, the environment, social justice issues, cross- cultural exchange, and visual arts, and navigating local healthcare and school systems. Pre-registration is not required.

One-to-one tutoring with a volunteer ESL tutor requires registration. Individuals are matched according to the availability of volunteers, mutual scheduling preferences and waiting list order. Instruction is based on each learner’s needs and goals.

The LifeLong Learning Center loans books and CD’s for improving English language skills. Beginning English level Spanish and Chinese speakers can learn basic English from the free online program, PowerSpeak, available through the Library’s website. Intermediate ESL learners are encouraged to use the library’s free program, Learn4Life, which offers 6 week courses (24 total hours each) in English grammar and writing to prepare for college entry and work.

Adult Volunteer ESL Tutors

VCPL's ESL program provides training and ongoing support to its volunteer ESL tutors. Instruction is learner-driven and lesson plans are designed by the tutor to meet the individual goals of each learner.

Placement with an ESL learner will take place after a background check and training is completed.

After placement, tutors commit to at least six months of tutoring, for two consecutive hours per week. Additional time for lesson planning is required. Tutoring takes place in the Lifelong Learning Center.