White Stars with Blue and Red Question Marks
Main Library
Meeting Room D
Premieres Friday, September 13 10:00 am

Whether you are voting for the first time or the 30th time - voting can be an exciting,
yet intimidating process. Changing technology, knowing how to cast your ballot,
or even selecting your candidates can directly influence how people feel regarding
the voting process. To help ease voter concerns, the Vigo County Clerk's Office is
collaborating with Vigo County Public Library to host a Mock Election. 

This Mock Election will help educate Vigo County residents about the voting process,
enabling them to be better prepared for election day. In addition to helping familiarize
voters, the Mock Election also allows the Clerk's Office to test equipment for the
upcoming municipal election. Voting officials will be on-site to help answer any
questions you might have about voting machines, ballot boxes, and the voting process.