Enemy Alien Strassner in Federal Net


Aged German Arrested Tuesday Morning on Presidential Warrant, Taken to Indianapolis.


Strong Pro-German Talk on Wabash Avenue Resented by Woman, and Fight Follows- Will Likely Be Interned During War

Frederick Strassner, 66 years old, the enemy alien who was arrested several weeks ago on a charge of assault and battery upon Mrs. Melisa Nelson after Strassner had made remarks against the United States on Wabash avenue which were resented, was re-arrested at 10 o’clock Tuesday morning by United States Marshal Elisha Ream on a charge of violating the espionage act.

Strassner was arrested on a presidential warrant, after he had been indicted by the federal grand jury. He was taken to Indianapolis immediately by Marshall Ream without being arraigned here before Commissioner Randel for a preliminary hearing.

Strassner was the man who made unpatriotic remarks about the United States on Wabash avenue while a throng of people were standing in front of a war map discussing the situation. Mrs. Melisa Nelson who happened to be among the persons watching the war map resented the remarks and knocked Strassner to the pavement several times, before soldiers from Camp Rose could interfere and hustle him to the police station. A mob hurriedly gathered and threatened to lynch the man. Strassner was found guilty of assault and battery by Judge Paul N. Shafer in City Court and fined $500 and cost and given a sentence of 180 days in prison.

Attorney Signs Bond

He appealed the case to Circuit Court and Attorney Samuel Gobin signed his appeal bond for $5,000. After being arrested Tuesday morning, Strassner asked Marshal Ream to send for Gobin, but the officer informed him that even Gobin could do him no good now, as he was directly in the hands of Uncle Sam. Marshal Ream questioned Strassner at police headquarters and ascertained that the man paid an annual tax of $5,000 on property accumulated since his landing in the United States fourteen years ago.

Strassner admitted to Mr. Ream that upon landing in this country he had but $15.00 in his pocket and not a relative on this side of the Atlantic. He gave his birthplace as Strasburg, Germany and said that he lived at 304 South Third street for the last twelve years. For the last few years he has been a successful tailor and according to various advices placed in the hands of the government, his sympathies and resources have always been on the side of the kaiser.

Strongly Pro-German

Small of stature, and speaking broken English, Strassner has always been regarded as a fanatic on the war subject, and his remarks regarding the situation have been looked upon as coming from an irresponsible source and been permitted to pass unnoticed. Strassner’s remarks are said to have become more and more unpatriotic.

After his conviction in City Court and release on bond signed by Gobin, the facts in the case were submitted to Washington by Commissioner Randel and the issuing of the presidential warrant followed. On his way to Indianapolis with Strassner, Marshal Ream will stop at Brazil, and take an alleged slacker into custody, having been furnished a warrant for his arrest at the same time the Strassner warrant was issued.

United States Marshal Ream stated Tuesday morning that in the event of Strassner being held guilty of violating the espionage act his property would be taken from him by this government and he would be interned for this period of war. A list of the real estate and other property held by Strassner will be compiled immediately and placed in the hand of the government.