Terre Haute Tribune, November 25, 1915


Decide to Ask President Wilson to Call Together Neutral Nations of World.

Terre Haute’s women instead of her men are leading in the appeal to President Wilson to call together the neutral nations for the consideration of world peace plans looking toward the settlement of the European conflict. Quite a number of club women have received requests from national peace party representatives asking them to appeal to the president for the proposed conference of neutral nations.

As representative of the Local Council of Women’s Clubs, which is, as a body, a member of the Woman’s Peace Party, Mrs. Carl Wolf Wednesday received the following telegram:

Chicago, Nov. 24, 1915

Mrs. Carl Wolf, Terre Haute, Ind.,

For the sake of anxious mothers dreading that their sons may be added to the ten million already killed or crippled in this war, will you strengthen the appeal to be made next Friday by Ethel Snowden of England and Rosika Schwimmer of Hungary to President Wilson by telegraphing him at Washington immediately, somewhat as follows:

“We urge conference of neutral nations dedicated to finding a just settlement of this war. JANE ADDAMS.’”

Mrs. Wolf read the telegram at the meeting of the local council at the Y.W.C.A. Wednesday afternoon and it was voted to send the telegram as requested immediately. It expressed the sentiment of more than 2,000 women, the council;s membership.

Mrs. I.H.C. Royse, president of the Y.W.C.A. board; the Normal school Y.W.C.A; Miss Augusta Torner, president of the Council of Jewish Women, are among the club women who have received requests to send telegrams and all will respond.