Terre Haute Tribune, May 8, 1915, page 2


E. Blish Thompsons, From Seymour, Send Word Here of Their Good Fortune.

W.L. Sparks Saturday morning received a cable from E. Blish Thompson, of Seymour, saying that he and Mrs. Thompson, who were first cabin passengers on the Lusitania, were safe in Queenstown.

This corroborated the Associated Press dispatch received by the Tribune which said they were among the saved. Another news service here said they were lost.

Mr. Sparks and the Thompson is secretary and sales manager of the Blish Milling company of Seymour, and was on his way to Europe primarily to confer with the firm’s London agent concerning a large contract for flour sought by a company in Holland. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson passed through Indianapolis a week ago last Tuesday on their way to New York.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are close friends of the family of John B. Cockrum. Oatley B. Cockrum was visiting at their home two weeks ago and when the subject of their proposed trip arose he attempted to dissuade them from going. Mr. Thompson laughed at his fears that the big liner would be torpedoed. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson expected to make a tour of England, Scotland and Ireland after Mr. Thompson had completed his business affairs. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson were married in 1904. Mrs. Thompson was Miss Maude Robinson of Long Beach.