Terre Haute Tribune, November 22, 1915, page 1


Santa Claus Goes Right on About His Business Dispite All The War Fuss

The war can’t stop Santa Claus.

Look at his little agents that are arriving here by the carload for the Christmas time.

These dolls in the picture all came from Germany. They arrived Saturday, after a long journey, and their boat was not bothered by any submarines. Their guardians in the picture are two clerks in one of the downtown stores, who welcomed the visitors and arranged them nicely on the shelves, where they will be inspected by Santa Claus and picked out for the Terre Haute children.

It was dreaded that the cruel war would stop the dolls’ excursions from Germany, but those who keep in pretty close touch with doll travelers, say that there will be just as many dolls coming to this country as ever.

The arrivals Saturday, which the Tribune picture man was on hand to greet them, would seem to indicate that the war has not bothered the dolls in the least.

Big dolls, little dolls, Jap dolls, Dutch dolls, Irish dolls, fat dolls and thin dolls all declared that they were glad to get over here where everything is nice and peaceable.