A-1 Sanitation, Inc.

A-1 Sanitation Service was founded by president Homer Easthom in 1964. In July 1995 the business was purchased by James and Jill Short. The Shorts changed the name to A-1 Sanitation, Inc. and expanded the sewer and drain service.  As of 2006, the business was owned by Jim Marshall.

Adolph Herz Store

Adolph Herz opened his first store on Fourth street in 1869. Long one of the outstanding merchants and a man of many charitable deeds, his business prospered. In 1907 he opened one of the finest department stores in the Midwest of Wabash Avenue at Sixth-and-One half street on the north side. Later the business passed out of the Herz family and the last occupant of the building was the Alden Store. The building itself was razed in 1972 and the ground is now part of a parking lot.


Ambank's local office was opened on April 13, 1998 with Bruce Brown as the manager. The current (as of 1999) manager is Doug Heidorn. The name changed in early 1999 to Union Planters Bank.

American Can Co.

Construction of the American Can Co. building was completed in 1931.  Located on the east bank of the Wabash River at Sycamore Street, the factory produced cans for the local Loudan's and Quaker Maid plants.  The facility was sold to the Pillsbury Co. in 1963.

Ampacet Corporation

Ampacet Corporation's Terre Haute plant began operation in October of 1972. James Doti was the first plant manager. Robert E. McLaughlin has been the manager since June of 1974.

A.P. Machine & Tool Inc.

A.P. Machine & Tool Inc., 1301 Elm St., was founded by Andre Ponsot, a native of France, in 1966.  A family corporation, the business is managed by his sons Thierry and Marc Ponsot.

Associated Design Professionals, Inc.

This business consists of a group of designers with membership in American Society of Interior Design who began their business in June 1994 at Off the Bolt. The major products offered by the business are decorating fabrics, custom window treatments, bed coverings, upholstery, carpet, wallcoverings, and blinds. The major service provided is complete design services for commercial and residential needs.

Associated Door and Plywood Company of Indiana, Inc.

This company was founded March 22, 1946 as Building Wholesalers, Inc. by Pease Overton Lumber Co. and Alan Overton, Charles H. Pease, and Thomas M. Patrick. November 15, 1951 ushered in a new name for the company, but the landmark year was 1966 when sales topped $1,000,000 for the first time.

Brattain & Nattkemper Law Firm

Brattain & Nattkemper Law Firm dates to the opening of a law office at 6th and Main in 1876 by Buena Vista Marshall, who practiced law in Terre Haute until 1929. In 1884, the firm moved to 11 Beach Block. Leonard B. Marshall, B.V.'s son, joined the practice in 1927. In 1938, Howard T. Batman joined the firm which moved to the building at 710 Ohio. David I. Day, Jr. & J. Morton Swango joined the firm in 1949. After 1950, various lawyers practicing with the firm were James A. Ball, Hubert Kelly, Michael R. Ireland, Birch E. Bayh, Jr., until he ran for the United States Senate in 1962, and W. Curtis Brighton until he became Vice President & General Counsel for Hulman & Company in 1994. George A. Brattain joined the firm in 1974. Batman, Day, and Swango died between 1985 and 1990. The firm moved to 322 S. 6th in 1987. C. Don Nattkemper joined the firm in 1991 and David Bolk in 1992. The firm's name changed to Brattain & Nattkemper in March 1999.

C & E Environmental, Inc.

Eric R. Hettlinger and Cindi L.A. Martin founded this asbestos removal company on December 28, 1994. C & E Environmental, Inc. is owned by a woman.

Callahan & Hughes Funeral Home

Issac Ball founded this business in 1847.

CDI, Inc.

Contemporary Development, Inc. was founded in 1960 by Fred A. Locke, Jr. and Thomas L. Francis with headquarters in Terre Haute and specializes as General Contractor for commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.

In 1964, Fred A. Locke, Jr. moved to Atlanta, Georgia and commences a Georgia operation. In 1967 CDI, Inc. was founded. All Indiana operations of Contemporary Development, Inc. were transferred to CDI, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Contemporary Developments, Inc. That same year CDI, Inc. is purchased by Thomas L. Francis and Templeton Coal Co..

Thomas L. Francis acquires all of Templeton Coal Company's interest in CDI in 1974. Francis is the current (as of 1999) president of CDI, Inc.

Christman Company

The plumbing and heating business was founded in 1907 by Fred G. Christman, Sr. For a period of time, the business was a partnership with Charles Wissel by the name of Wissel and Christman.

The business was turned over to Fred G. Christman, Jr. in 1953 who operated it as a sole proprietorship for the next thirty-five years.

Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise first was put into operation in Terre Haute at the Eat-A-Teria, 2525 Wabash Avenue.  The deal was closed with a handshake between Col. Harland Sanders and Eugene Knauer, Eat-A-Teria owner, in 1958.

Computer Creations

Richard C. Hay founded this computer business in December 1996.

Computer Solution Systems Co., Inc.

Computer Solution Systems Co., Inc., which operates under the trade name of CS Technology Center, was founded in November 1989 by Nicholas J. Mahurin.

Conservatory of Music

The Conservatory of Music, a full-line music store offering merchandise, service and instruction, was founded in 1949 by John Reitmeyer and John Dickerson. It began as a teaching school at 120 N. 7th St. (upstairs). By 1954, it had moved to 823 Wabash Ave. The business became a storefront operation in 1959 when it moved to Southland Shopping Center and the sale of instruments was added to its music education program. A second store was opened a K-Mart Plaza, 25th St. and Wabash Ave., in 1968. The Southland store closed in 1969.

The conservatory moved from K-Mart Plaza to Riverside Plaza, 3400 South U. S. 41, in 1976. Len Quinlan, owner, purchased the business from John and Fern Reitmeyer in 1981.

Construction Aggregate Trucking

Patrick M. O'Leary, President, founded Construction Aggregate Trucking (better known by its initials CAT) in February 1984. This flatbed and dump trucking service's major jobs include Eli Lilly, Lowes Lumber, CSX Railroad, Destec Project, PSI Wabash River Generating Station, and Hulman Regional Airport.

Construction Technology Associates, Inc.

Richard L. McCowen, President, founded a general contractor business for the design and building of commerical and industrial projects in 1992.

Creative Buying Specialists

James E. Fox began his creative buying business in January 1998. The primary purchases are cash flow paper, invoices, land contracts, notes, debt investments, etc.

Cummins Mental Health Center

Judy Eaton, Director of County Operations, founded the mental health center on June 17, 1998.

David M. Giltner, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. David M. Giltner founded his orthodontic service in August 1978.

David A. Pressley, DPM - Podiatrist

Dr. David A. Pressley began practice in February 1974. Pressley's specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of foot disorders.

Earl C. Rodgers & Associates, Inc.

Earl C. Rodgers decided to go into business for himself as a professional general contractor after managing other construction companies for 25 years. On May 13, 1976 he opened his business on National Avenue in West Terre Haute. From the beginning, Rodgers wanted to specialize in the design/build concept of construction. This allowed him to create a partnership between himself and the owners. Some of the company's projects include Clay Hamilton Center in Brazil, Honey Creek West, Roselawn Funeral Home and Mausoleum, and the Open Door Bookstore.

Earnest Bleemel Building

A legacy of beer brewing on Poplar St. at 9th dates back to 1837 and includes the names of Anton Mayer, Earnest Bleemel, and Mathias Mogger. By the time Prohibition became law in 1918, Terre Haute had seen 30 breweries open and close. Terre Haute's first brewery was opened by George Hager in 1835 at Outlet 23, but soon after was destroyed by fire.

Chauncey Warren and Demas Deming, Sr. started up the Terre Haute Brewery in 1837 on the north side of Poplar Street. This same site became the home of the Mathias Mogger Brewery and the E. Bleemel Brewery until 1874.

The Terre Haute Brewing Company opened in 1889 and leased the E. Bleemel Building and site until 1942. By 1892 the Terre Haute Brewing Company was the country's seventh largest brewer in the country.

The Terre Haute Brewing Company Stables which had more than 50 stalls were built during this time of productivity. it's sole purpose was to house draft horses that delivered beer. The Terre Haute Brewing Company introduced "Champagne Velvet Beer" in 1904, with the slogan, "Drink beer. It's good for you." The company closed in 1958.

The E. Bleemel Building and the Stables have been restored and house a museum as well as dining areas.

Engineered Homes, Inc.

Engineered Homes, Inc., owned by Terry Myers, Lee Shipley, and Steve Heck, was begun in October 1997 by Mike Cahill as the result of persons shopping the other modular home operation business who wanted plans that were different and inability of the business to meet the needs of that segment of the market.

Ermisch's Cleaners and Shirt Laundry

Julius Ermisch founded his business in 1883.

Forest Management Services, Inc.

Larry J. Owen founded this service organization in 1981 in Shelburn, Indiana. The services provided include timber sale management, timber stand improvement, tree planting, pruning, and herbicide application. The business relocated to Terre Haute in 1987 and expanded to a larger location in 1992.

Forrest Sherer, Inc.

Forrest Sherer "Man of Action" founded this independent insurance agency in 1920 as a sole proprietorship. Sherer incorporated the business in 1963.

The business grew steadily during the first 40 years in business with an ever-growing staff of people. Sherer included in his services the "extraordinary initiative" of establishing a claims department which still exists today in the assisting, adjusting and claims taking format to aid customers in filing claims.

The business has spent most of its life housed in the Chanticleer Building at 24 N. 6th St. which began as a retail outlet area on the first floor for various entities including a furrier, bookstore, and small department store. There were a number of individual offices located upstairs for attorneys, accountants, a judge at one time, and various other individuals operating from single offices. The Chanticleer has been remodeled several times by Forrest Sherer which currently (as of 1999) occupies 7/8 of the building.

The business in 1999 is mostly a family business, but is owned by both the Sherer family and employees. It serves an area of 35 states and has a staff of 60 plus.

Forsyth Brothers Concrete Products, Inc.

Forsyth Brothers Concrete Products, Inc was founded in 1907 by Clifford E. and William H. Forsyth as a burial vault company and incorporated in 1911. A third brother entered the business upon Clifford's death and his son, Carl, eventually became the sole owner.

The business, which manufactures Doric burial vaults and septic tanks, is operated by family member, Jeffrey A Bell.

Furnas Pet Care

Donald & Janet Furnas founded their business in December 1992 when they purchased a building, moved their grooming business into it and added retail, pet sitting, and a pet taxi service. Janet began visiting area hospitals, schools, and nursing homes in 1992 to promote humane education. Janet began taking small animals into schools and youth clubs as part of the education process in 1997 and in 1998, she and Don began donating small animals for classroom pets to interested teachers.

Garmong Design/Build Construction

Claude H. Garmong founded the Garmong Design/Build Construction in 1923 as a single-residence builder. In its early years, this fourth-generation company helped to create the historic Edgewood Grove neighborhood.

The most interesting change the company observed was during World War II. Little building construction was going on, so in order to keep both men & equipment busy, Garmong's built ammunition boxes to be sold to the old Hercules Ammo factory north of town which then shipped bullets and powder overseas. After the war ended Garmong's went back to commercial and residential construction.

K. Richard Garmong became president of the company in 1952. This decade saw Garmong move into the area of light commercial design and construction, taking on projects such as gas stations, churches and schools.

In 1974, Kenneth O. Hannum became the company's third president. Garmong's focus turned toward general construction.

The company moved into the construction management area in the 1980s with the addition of civil, electrical and mechanical engineers. David L. Hannum became the fourth company president in 1989.

Garmong's became the only full service building consultant in the Wabash Valley in the 1990s. Garmong can turnkey a complex construction project from concept through site selection, design and construction such as the Tribune Star Office Project in Terre Haute.

GE Engine Services Tri-Remanufacturing

The company was originally founded in 1955 by Vern Hux to manufacture aircraft engine components. The business goals were Quality, Service and Economy, creating the name Tri-industries, Inc. In 1960 the business moved from Jasonville, IN to Terre Haute and in 1988, UNC bought the facility from the owner. At that time the Tri Manufacturing shop was a manufacturer of new parts with a component repair capability. The component repair side of the business began to grow and in 1991, UNC separated the component repair business, which became UNC Tri-Remanufacturing and moved it across town to its current (as of 1999)location at 3390 Locust St.

UNC Tri-Remanufacturing was acquired by the General Electric Company in September 1997 and was renamed GE Engine Services Tri-Remanufacturing. At the time of the GE acquisition, there were 21 salaried employees and 82 hourly employees.

Glas-Col Apparatus Company

Glas-Col was founded December 13, 1939 by Dr. and Mrs. Glen H. Morey for the production of laboratory heaters, shakers, and stirrers. Glas-Col also provides custom electric heating for scientific laboratories and industry.

Great Wheels, Inc.

David A. Brucken opened a used car "superstore" in 1988 and added a marine sales area in January 1999.

Gurman Container & Supply Corp.

Gurman Container & Supply founded by Israel Gurman in 1922 to manufacture containers for industry remains under the direction of Robert Gurman.

Heartland Steel, Inc.

Financing for Heartland Steel, Inc. was finalized June 18, 1998. Harold L. Coker, Jr. is the President & CEO.

Heinl's Flower Shop

"Terre Haute's first florist" was founded in 1863 by John G. Heinl.

Hendrich Title Co.

The Hendrich Title Co. was founded in 1867 by William Hendrich and continues to function as a family corporation.  The firm was moved from the Vigo County Courthouse to 498 Ohio St. in 1996.

Herm Rassel Men's and Ladies' Fashions

Herm Rassel Men's and Ladies' Fashions, now owned by Herm Rassel, Jr., was founded by Herm Rassel, Sr. in June 1932. The store moved in 1956 further south on 7th street and again in 1987 to Wabash Avenue.

Hillman Jewelers, Inc.

Hillman Jewelers, Inc. was founded in 1933 by George I. Felstein and Lee H. Hillman. Hillman left the business some years later, but his name was retained. Felstein's son, Allen, entered the business in 1946. A branch was opened in Vincennes, Indiana in 1957. 1958 was a significant year because Hillman's entered the international diamond market as a direct diamond importer. By 1975, Hillman's had opened two branch stores in Terre Haute as well as Vincennes, Greencastle, Crawfordsville and Columbus in Indiana and in Mattoon and Danville in Illinois.

Hillman's experienced a devastating fire in March 1963 when the city block were it was located was destroyed and the Hillman building was leveled. Hillman's reopened for business 8 months later in the same location on December 3.

David A. Felstein joined his father's business in 1970 and Arnold J. Kosofsy, a son-in-law, joined in 1971. Allen Felstein transferred control to the third generation in 1987, David became the president and Aronld a vice-president. Hillman's underwent a reorganization in 1995 and has only one location - in Honey Creek Mall.

Hoosier Handpak, Inc.

Bruce Anders and Mike Stoick founded Hoosier Handpak, Inc. in June 1995.

HPS Office Systems

HPS Office Systems was originally founded in Indianapolis in 1939. A branch was opened in Terre Haute in November 1997. The slogan of this business is "When Only the Best Will Do."

Ideas Incorporated

Nick Telezyn founded his advertising agency in 1979.

Inland Aquatics

Inland Aquatics was opened in January 1991 by Morgan and Richard Lidster for the sale of tank raised marine animals and aquarium products. Educational field trips and building tours are also offered.

Illiana Truck Parts

Andrew and David Nickel founded this truck sales and truck parts business in November 1980. Andrew became the sole owner in 1989 after a buy-out of shares.

Imperial Lanes, Inc.

Imperial Lanes was founded by Paul Haas in 1963. Interior remodeling included the installation of automatic scorers and guardians on the lanes.

Indiana Wholesalers of Terre Haute, Inc.

Indiana Wholesalers was a spin-off from Indiana Wholesalers, Inc - Evansville, IN and the Terre Haute location was founded in 1953. The first manager was Earl Morgan.

J.C. Penney Co.

James Cash Penney opened the "Golden Rule Store" in 1902 in Kemmerer, Wyoming. J.C. Penney Store #780 opened in Terre Haute on March 21, 1934 at 654 Wabash Ave. Despite the Depression, sales hit an all-time high, topping $212 million. By 1935, the first full year of operation for the Terre Haute location, Store #780 had sales over $264,000.

E.L. Bland was chosen to open and manage the Terre Haute location, but passed away in 1942, and F.L. Finnegan became his replacement. Finnegan was promoted sometime before 1946, and #780 was then managed by Arthur W. Brunner who was transferred sometime before 1950 and replaced by Archie T. Beasley. Beasley was followed by Phillip H. Crofts, Patrick H. Kelley, Adrian I. D'autremont, and William C. Mercer. The store had declining sales throughout the 1950's and was closed in July, 1961.

Meanwhile, a new store had already opened in Terre Haute. Former Manager of #780, "Duke" D'Autremont was chosen to open the new location at the Meadows Center. New Store #1791 held its Grand Opening on August 3, 1960. This store was replaced by #487 at Honey Creek Square which opened on August 5, 1981. Laurence R. Biesanz currently (as of 1999) manages #487.

Jack and June's Poplar Flower Shop

Jack and June's Poplar Flower Shop was founded in 1920 as "Randolph's Greenhouse" by "Mac" Randolph.

Purchased in 1947 by Jack and June Sitarski from her parents when it was known as "Poplar Flower Shop" and located at 1361 Poplar Street. The name became "Jack and June's Poplar Flower Shop" about 1964 after moving to South 18th St. Jim and Jack bought the business from their Parents, June and Jack, about 1984.

Johnstone Supply

Johnstone Supply was founded in May 1995.

Jones Tool & Machine, Inc.

Jones Tool & Machine, Inc. was founded in 1957 by Del Jones. The service provided is custom machining.

Joseph Realtors, Inc.

Judy Joseph founded a full-service real estate office in July 1988 on 4th Street, but moved the business in November 1990.

Kadel's Hallmark

Kadel's Hallmark was founded as Kadel's Art Shoppe in 1898 by Robert N.T. Kadel.

Kamikaze Karate Martial Arts Emporium

Partners Cricket Pardes and Theresa Ortega-Fisher founded this business on October 16, 1996. They provide a martial arts school locator service in addition to carrying supplies for martial arts, weightlifting, boxing, and other types of fitness.

Kelly Metal Products, Inc.

Kelly Metal Products, Inc. opened in November 1985 with Lawrence Kelly as President and Robert Kelly as the Vice President of the company.

Kessco Water, Inc.

Kessco Water, Inc. was founded in November 1983 by John & Margaret Kessinger in Marshall, Indiana along with their five children - Susie, Debbie, Bryan, John III, and Kevin - and their spouses. The Kessingers opened a business in Crawfordsville in January 1984, another in Lafayette in 1986, and finally one in Terre Haute in 1989.

Kirkham Hardwoods, Inc.

Kirkham Hardwoods, Inc. was founded in October 1973. In 1991 massive changes were made such as going from circle mill to band mill and total computerization which increased producation from 5,000,000 board feet to 13,000,000 board feet.

Kitchen Interiors, Inc.

Kitchen Interiors, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Patricia Redenbarger and offers custom cabinetry and design services.

Kleptz Aluminum and Vinyl Products, Inc.

Frank A. Kleptz founded his business in 1960.

Koenig Scale Company, Inc.

Clarence Koenig purchased the Toledo Scale Distributorship in 1959, but was required to disassociate with the Toledo name in 1978. His wife Roxine wanted to rename the business, "Foxy Roxy Scale Company," but Clarence held firm in his choice. Upon his death in 1985, Roxine assumed the Presidency, their son Kurt was appointed Exec. Vice President and General Manager. Roxine announced a semi-retirement in 1997.

LA Stained Glass

Laura A. Pinkston founded her stained glass business in 1995 and it was purchased September 24, 1998 by Lisa A. Goff. The shop produces stained glass windows, art and/or gift items, and commissioned pieces. Stained glass and mosaic supplied are offered for sale. Classes in stained glass art are offered on location.

Lawn & Garden Tractor Co., Inc.

Lawn & Garden Tractor Co, Inc. was founded in the late 1920's by Jack Lehman and Bill Mullins as a Massey Harris farm equipment dealership.

Richard and Ann Page purchased the business after World War II. Richard moved the facility to the south side of U.S. 40 in West Terre Haute.

The concept of manufacturing miniature size tractors specifically for lawn & garden maintenace was just beginning to develop on the late 1950s. The introduction of the Wheelhorse lawn & garden tractor in the very early sixties, and Mr. Page's ability as a salesman, allowed the little business to prosper.

In 1969, Bryan Zuerner co-signed a loan for the amount of $1,350.00 for his 14 year-old son, Dan for the purchase of a Gravely garden tractor. Dan eventually had more than seventy regular, weekly customers and employed as many as four other people to assist with the work load for his lawn maintanence business.

Bryan Zuerner and wife, Phyllis purchased the Pages' business in 1973. In the mid to late 1970s, subdivisions were springing up all over. the many new homeowners needed power equipment to landscape and take care fo their new homes. Gardening remained poular as a hobby. the waether produced excellent grass growing conditions.

Bryan brought in Ron Noordsy to become a business partner until 1981 when Ron sold his portion to Dan and Joan Zuerner. Bryan and Phyllis have retired, but Dan remains active in the position of President to work closely with Vice President John Mann in moving the business into the 21st century.

Lawn & Garden is one of the first companies of its kind to offer retail replacement parts support to potential customers world-wide through the internet (www.lawn-n-garden.com). Shipments have recently been made to companies such as Denmark, Sweden, Barbados, and Brazil.

Their motto is, "At Lawn & Garden Tractor Co., you become more than our customer, you become our friend."

Mace Service Lincoln-Mercury

In 1924, Herbert N. Mace became half owner of Terre Haute Tire Co. which becomes Mace Service in the late 1930s. In 1946, it becomes Mace Lincoln Mercury.

The company President, as of 1999, is Richard Mace, son of the founder, Herbert Mace.

Macksville Station

Macksville Station, a custom furniture and cabinet work business, was founded in 1980 as Wabash Valley Furniture Service by Bill Smith, Bob Heck and Andrew McAleese.

McAleese later became the sole owner and the business was renamed Macksville Station. It is located at 601 W. National Ave., West Terre Haute, Indiana.

Martin Luther Homes of Indiana, Inc.

The local office of Martin Luther Home Society, Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska was founded in 1987 and the first manager was Edwina Boyle.

Michael R. Farr Agency, Inc.

Michael & Nancy Farr founded an investment products and insurance agency in 1980 on Hulman Street, now located in Corporate Square on Ohio Blvd.

Microtel Information Systems, Inc.

Microtel Information Systems, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Mark A. Neaderhiser and provides telephone systems and computer networks (Novell) services.

Miller & White Advertising, Inc.

Brian Miller founded this creative print & electronic advertising agency in 1980, but also specializes in multi-media and computer graphics.

Miller Floral Co. Inc.

Miller Floral Co. Inc. was founded as Heinl & Weber by Edgar C. Weber in 1911.  The original buildings were located at 1630 Plum St.  These greenhouses were closed in 1983, and the flower shop in 1991.  The present store at 3425 S. Seventh St. opened in 1976.  James "Mike" Miller, company president, is the third generation in the business.

Minnis International, Inc.

The business was founded by Charles Bielfield and Joseph Minnis, Sr and Joseph Minnis, Jr. in 1969. In 1982 it was purchased in entirety by Joseph Minnis, Jr.

Montgomery Ward

The first Montgomery Ward store in Terre Haute was opened in 1928 at 602-606 Wabash Avenue.  Several years later it was moved across the street to 601-605 Wabash Avenue.  By 1954, a farm store at 514 Ohio St. and a tire store at 510 Ohio St. were in operation.  The company constructed a new store at 333 S. Third St. in 1968 which remained opened until Dec. 24, 1981.

Moore Photography

This portrait photography studio was founded in 1985 by Malcolm and Donna Moore. John Camp purchased the business on April 1, 1995.

Morris Trucking

Ivan L. Morris founded Morris Trucking in 1925 to transport shipments of produce to the Detroit and Chicago areas; then in the '40s began to haul primarily for Davis Greenhouse, in the '50s refrigerated products from the Turkey plant, and in 1967 hauled petroleum.

Morris trucking is now a truckload carrier, operating about 35 tractors and 70 trailers in approximately 29 states.

Morris' current (as of 1999) president is the founder's grandson.

Motor Freight Corporation

This trucking business began in 1928 with Harry ADams operating one truck between Terre Haute and Brazil.  Adams Motor Express was moved to Terre Haute in 1931 and renamed Motor Freight Corporation.  Operations were moved from 18th Street and Wabash Avenue to a new offices, terminal and garage facility at 13th and Voorhees Streets in 1954.  The company was sold to B.F. Goodrich Co. in 1969.

Myers Engineering, Inc.

Myers Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1990 by James D. (Dave) and Robin Myers for civil engineering services and land surveying.

Newlin-Johnson Co., Inc.

Charles C. Newlin founded the C.C. Newlin Co., Inc in February 1932. Later that same year in October D.C. Johnson joined with Newlin and the company became Newlin-Johnson Co., Inc.

Newlin-Johnson Co., Inc. purchased land for development in 1937 and the Newlin-Johnson Development Co., Inc. was organized.

Hulman & Co. purchased Newlin-Johnson Development Co. in 1964 after the 1963 death of D.C. Johnson. John T. Newlin (Charles' son) joined Newlin-Johnson Co. in 1952 as a real estate salesman and became the company president in 1965.

John S. Newlin (John T. Newlin's son) joined the firm in 1979. He presently is executive vice president.

In 1991, the firm of Miller-Sargent-Miller merged with Newlin-Johnson Co., Inc. Carl N. (Chip) Miller III became a vice president and real estate sales manager.

Newlin-Johnson has been located in and owners of the Star Building on the southeast corner of 6th and Ohio for over 60 years. The Star Building was built about 1918 for the newspaper known as the Terre Haute Star. The building is listed on the National Historical Record.

NRK, Inc.

Randy and Dale Keyes founded their electrical contracting business in June 1993.

Overhead Door Company of Terre Haute, Inc.

Overhead Door Company of Terre Haute, Inc. was founded in 1921 for the sales and service of Overhead Garage Doors. The advertising slogan is "The Genuine. The Original. Overhead Door."

Pfister & Company, Inc.

J.B. Pfister & Company was formed by J.B. (Ben) and Emma C. Pfister in 1910 for the purpose of selling insurance and real estate. In 1913, they joined with Charles Fox to form Fox & Pfister. (The offices were located at the future site of the Indiana Theater.) A variety of services - insurance, real estate, surety bonds, rentals, and loans were offered.

Pfister & Company, Inc became a charter member of the nationwide Better Homes & Gardens organization in 1978 and is a member of a network of commercial realtors known as New America International.

Many members of the Pfister family have served this company and community throughout the years.

Today, the company is under the direction of a third generation family member, Mary Caye Pfister.

Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer Inc. opened a plant south of the City of Terre Haute on January 1, 1948 for the production of human pharmaceuticals.

Pino's Il Sonetto

Pino's Il Sonetto, a restaurant featuring Italian cuisine, opened July 5, 1991.

Popejoy's Music Center

Louie Popejoy's music business opened in 1990. Services offered include the sale and repair of musical instruments, the sale of accessories, and music lessons.

Pork Packing Business Started

Benjamin Gilman started the pork packing business in 1824, which was to be one of the principal enterprises in the city for over 100 years.

Precision Transmission

Precision Transmission was opened by Bill Aubin and Ron Felty at 1600 Wabash Ave. in 1976. Three years later the partnership was bought out by Bill and Kay Aubin.

The focus of this franchised business is to provide the rebuilding, reconditioning and servicing of automatic and manual transmissions.

R.E. Anderson & Associates

Richard E. Anderson founded R.E. Anderson & Associates in 1973 and incorporated it in 1974 to offer commercial space planning and design and sell office furniture.  The business is located at 1240 Hulman Street. 

Robert Wilson Insurance

Robert Wilson, Sr. founded an insurance business in 1967 for the sale of personal and commercial insurance.

Sackrider & Company, Inc.

The firm was established July 1, 1956 when E. Leon Sackrider acquired the business of a predecessor firm. Subsequently, Tom Connelly became a partner and practiced with Sackrider until July 1965 when Connelly moved to California. W. Earl Holler joined the firm in July 1965 and C. E. Trummel joined the firm in December 1965. Charles F. Bradford was admitted to partnership October 1, 1970. Exactly one year later, the firm of Donald D. Rusk & Company merged with Sackrider's and Rusk became a partner.

September 24, 1974 saw the incorporation of the practice as Sackrider Holler Trummel, Inc. The partners were E. Leon Sackrider, W. Earl Holler, C. E. Trummel, Charles F. Bradford and Donald D. Rusk. Effective June 4, 1982 the corporate name was changed to Sackrider & Company, Inc.

O. Earl Elliott became a partner January 1, 1986 and Jerome M. Case became partner one year later on January 1, 1987. In 1995, David L. Kirchner and Jane A. Hadley became partners on January 1 and Charles F. Bradford retired at that same time.

Locations occupied include South Eighth St., The Tribune Building, South Sixth St., and 1925 Wabash Ave.

Sam's Club

Sam's Club, a division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., opened a local club in October 1989 under the management of Mike Matheson.

Sanders & Associates

Sanders & Associated was founded by Dan Sanders, architect, in his home on Putnam St. in 1981 to provide quality architectural design for clients.  The office was relocated to 629 Cherry St., and in 1985, to 4312 S. Seventh Street.  In 1999, Sanders purchased a home at 611 Deming St. and moved the office into the lower level.

Schering-Plough Animal Health

The Commercial Solvents Corporation (now Schering-Plough Animal Health) was established in 1919, at the end of World War I, and earned distinction as the pioneer producer of acetone and butanol by fermentation processes developed and patented by Dr. Chaim Weizmann. Terre Haute was selected as the home of CSC research because location at this plant made possible the convenient translation of new processes from laboratory and pilot-plant to full-scale production. (Annual report, 1950)

Over the years, the products of Commercial Solvents have included specialty and commodity chemicals for industry, agricultural chemicals, animal health and nutrition products, industrial explosives, and carbon blacks. CSC remained an independent company until 1975 when it merged with the International Minerals and Chemical Corporation (IMC) and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of IMC. Eventually, IMC bought Pitman-Moore Inc., another company involved with animal products, and the Terre Haute plant changed its name to Pitman-Moore in 1987.

Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Richard W. Sears founded the Sears, Roebuck and Company in Fall, 1886. Sears, Roebuck and Co. #2600 is presently located at 3401 S US Hwy 41 in Terre Haute.

Spence/Banks, Inc.

JoAnn H. and O. Keith Owen, Jr. founded a business in July 1979 for the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel. The John Banks Oil Co. was purchased October 1982 and the business moved to its current (as of 1999) location on First Street.

Summerlot Engineered Products

Summerlot Engineered Products was founded in 1988 by Raymond L. Summerlot .

Sycamore Engineering, Inc.

Robert H. Dinkel founded Sycamore Engineering, Inc. in April 1960.

TBM Building Services

TBM Building Services was founded in 1950 by Robert A. Casey, Jr. TBM Building Services moved from the Brinkman Hotel Building on Ninth Street in 1988 and the building was purchased and razed by ISU for parking. A new building was built on 14th Street which contained offices and a warehouse.

Terre Haute First National Bank.

This business was founded in 1834 by Demas Deming. "The ancestors of Terre Haute First National Bank", wrote A.R. Markle in 1939, "furnished the money that built the National Road, the railroads and the canal, that financed the freight of the steamboats from here to New Orleans and the Eastern markets. The building of the streets, the gravel roads of the country, the building and the operating of the old pork-packing houses, the purchase of the salt and barrels, the cooper shops that made the latter for both pork and whiskey and the distilleries and breweries that used the grain, the very bulidings all were financed by these old institutions that were the backbone of commercial activities that helped to make Terre Haute."

Terre Haute First's earliest ancestor came into being in November 1834 as the Terre Haute branch of the State Bank of Indiana. The state was divided into ten banking districts, which included Vigo, Clay, Owen, Putman and Vermillion counties.

The earliest document of record for the bank was a $20,000 bond dated November 13, 1834 and signed by James Farrington, Demas Deming, John D. Early, Chauncey Warren, Curtis Gilbert and Chauncey Rose.

Terre Haute Savings Bank

Terre Haute Savings Bank was incorporated November 10, 1869. The founding officers were: Thomas Dowling (President), Lucius Ryce and Robert Hudson (Vice Presidents), and John Beach (Secretary/Treasurer).

The first day of business was December 1, 1869. Land at 6th and Ohio was purchased in January 1882. In March 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a banking holiday from which THSB was among the first to reopen.

A "School Savings" Program to teach the value of saving to children began September 10, 1958. In 1968, the loan department was expanded, computers and 24-hour automatic teller machines and TV teller bays were installed.

The bank continued to operate as usual on July 15, 1972 while the top five floors of its building were being demolished.

The 120th anniversary was celebrated on October 19, 1989. A new section to house the Loan Department and a new Investment Center was added to the building in August 1998.

Terrell and Mardis, P.C., CPAs

Duane L. Terrell, CPA founded the business in 1970 which offers public accounting service. The location changed in December 1978 and the incorporation change occurred in October 1982.

The Box Store

The Box Store opened in 1989 under the name of The Box Shoppe and the ownership of Larry Singleton. In 1997 the name was changed to The Box Store.

The Callahan Funeral Home

Callahan Funeral Home was founded in 1913 at 13 1/2 St. and Wabash Ave. by Thomas and Charlotte Callahan. It relocated to the current (as of 1999)location on Wabash Ave. in 1957.

The Great American Carpet Store, Inc.

Wayne R. Gore founded this flooring business on July 23, 1993. In July 1997 a 4,000 square foot addition was built onto the building.

The Oakley Corporation - The 124 Madison Corporation

The Oakley Corporation is an Indiana Corporation and has been in business for more than sixty years. The company was founded by Hollie N. Oakley in the Depression Era (1930s) when he built the company into a chain of more than 100 grocery markets in Indiana and Illinois. Oakley sold his chain of stores to the Kroger Company in the 1950s and relocated to Maitland, FL. The company remained headquartered in Terre Haute, IN and continued to own and operate commercial properties as well as manage an investment portfolio. Mr. Oakley passed away in 1965 and the stock of the corporation was passed on to the H. N. Oakley Trust, which was acquired in September 1993 by The 124 Madison Corporation. The Oakley Corporation remains an investment and real estate holding company owning and operating commercial properties in Indiana and Florida and manages all properties from the Terre Haute, IN office using in-house staff. The 124 Madison Corporation was chartered in Indiana in 1979 and began business in 1980 as a leasing and financial services company. The company holds a portfolio of both leases and stocks and actively continues in the leasing business.

The Signcenter, Inc.

John B. Criss established a business for commercial and electrical advertising signs in 1980 on 25th Street which has since moved to Fruitridge Avenue.

The Shuck Agency, Inc.

Geoff L. Shuck opened an independent insurance agency on April 1, 1989.

Thiemann Office Products, Inc.

This business was purchased in 1952 by E. Pete Thiemann. The business was managed by the next generation of the Thiemann family - Paul, Anne, and Mark. Thiemann Office Products moved to its current (as of 1999) location, 34 N. 6th St. in 1957.

Thomas A. Layman, DDS, Family Dentistry

Thomas A. Layman founded his dentistry practice in August 1971 and changed locations in September 1984 to a newly built office located at 2825 South 7th Street. The former building was a rental as the new office, built by Layman using Rick Jenkins as contractor, provided much more square footage for the practice.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable's local office was founded in 1968 and the first general manager was Charlie Guion.

Tulips Inc.

Tulips Inc., a subsidiary of Vaughan Seed Co., was located in Terre Haute in 1950 by Dr. Clyde Homan.  A large greenhouse and necessary facilities were constructed at 1850 Davis Avenue.

The business remained a subsidiary of Vaughan Seed Co. until 1960 when it was purchased by the Homans.  Cut tulips continued to be shipped to wholesalers in many states.

After Dr. Homan's death in 1984, the business was sold to Jim and Dru Adams who renamed it The Tulip Company.

Turner Coaches Inc.

Turner Coaches Inc. was founded in 1921 by Charles Turner who first transported passengers in his White Touring Car.  John Turner, a grandson, and Charles Beckwith bought the business from the second generation of the family in 1982.  The business is now located at 2135 E. Margaret Avenue.

Uniquely Gourmet, Incorporated

Dr. Kathleen M. Hilton founded this specialty food and gourmet supply store in December 1997. The store offers cooking classes, unique kitchen gifts, and gourmet foods such as coffees, teas, and food items.

Van & Sons, Inc.

C.J. Van Lannen founded this business in 1965. Products offered include Paragon entry doors, Raynor garage doors as well as the service of building garages.

Wabash Products Company

Wabash Products Company was founded in 1926 by Carson Simms and Glenn Maxwell.

Wabash Products Company was sold in 1984 to Sentry Paint Technologies of Darby, PA. Sentry had one manufacturing plant prior to the purchase of Wabash Products.

John Van Etten of Lafayette was hired in 1985 to run the Terre Haute plant.

Sentry and Wabash purchased DeHart Paint and Coatings of Louisville, KY in 1987. John Van Etten was put in charge of the acquisition and operation of DeHart.

Sentry, Wabash & DeHart began a new manufacturing plant behind DADC in the Fort Harrison Industrial Park in 1988. This plant is in production now and manufactures only "powder" paints.

Wabash Valley Animal Hospital

Andrew Pickering, DVM founded the Wabash Valley Animal Hospital on April 14, 1974. The Wabash Valley Animal Hospital at 3004 S. 7th St. is a small animal practice that offers veterinary medicine and surgery. This practice is now a partnership.

Wabash Valley Capital Management, Inc.

James B. Exline, Donald B. Edwards, and Christopher S. Doll founded this organization in 1997.

Wabash Valley Harley Davidson

The business opened in February 1984, sold 43 new units by year's end, and sales now reach over 200 units.

Wabash Valley Pizza Hut, Inc.

The first local Pizza Hut opened on January 11, 1969 and was managed by Charles T. Culp. A second store opened on December 16, 1971, a third on April 21, 1976 and a fourth on July 31, 1994. The Pizza Hut Express was operated in the Honey Creek Mall from July 9, 1984 until June 30, 1994.

Walker Motor & Machine Inc.

Joe Walker established this company in 1932 as part of Walker Electric Co. The current (as of 1999) name was adopted in 1984 and the owner is now Greg Walker.

Whiteco Outdoor Advertising

Whiteco Outdoor Advertising began in 1935 under Dean White in Shelby, Indiana serving Holiday Inn with directional signs. The Terre Haute office was founded in 1978 under the direction of Byron Kearby.

Williams and Associates, Realtors

Branam and Williams founded in 1938 by partners John Ti Branam and Bert O. Williams became Williams and Associates, Inc. in 1981.

WilliamsRandall Marketing Communications

Charlie and Donna Williams founded the former C & D Williams Company on October 1, 1979.

Wolohan-Powell-Stephenson Lumber Co.

Wolohan Lumber opened in January 1974 in Terre Haute with Dale Kilheffner as the manager.

In May 1997 Wolohan Lumber purchased the assets of Powell-Stephenson Lumber and merged the two businesses together at the current (as of 1999) location at 555 Margaret Avenue. Also in May 1997 the name was officially changed to Wolohan-Powell-Stephenson Lumber Co.

Woodburn Graphics

Thomas Ross Woodburn founded Woodburn Graphics in 1902 and began a tradition of 35 years of innovative type designs and printing techniques that were especially marked in the Roaring Twenties. T.R.'s son, Ross, joined the company in 1921 at the age of 17 and remained until 1976.

Woodburn Graphics survived the Great Depression although it was sold to Ross' uncle, O.W. Pendergast, in 1938. Offset printing, once strictly low budget and low quality, came into a new era after World War II. In 1957 the first purchase of a business forms web press was made and O.W.'s son, Don, joined the company. In the 1970s, digital typesetters, CRTs, and color electronic scanning were major investments. Don replaced Ross in 1976, then was replaced by his wife, Marilyn, upon his death in 1986. "Innovation Guided by Tradition" is Woodburn's equation for success.

Wright, Shagley, & Lowery

Wright, Shagley, & Lowery was founded in 1946 by Bauer & Kincade and has underwent various changes.